About Us

It’s not about us, is it? It’s about you!

9x text picss_Page_3We are a small business with great potential. You, the client are our biggest asset and therefore we will give you the best service and products that you expect.

Fusion Industrial Supplies was started by an entrepreneur with a passion for the Industrial market and the challenges that it brings.

There seems to be a lack of outstanding services and product supply in the overall business market in South Africa, and we are looking at changing this trend by actually focusing on these two main areas – Excellent Service Delivery and Supply of resilient products to our customers.

We are dedicated to providing your hard to find industrial material and equipment needs.

Our aim is to “practice what we preach.”

We act as an order consolidating entity specializing in the purchasing and consequent distribution of Industrial supplies as per customer requests.

Fusion Industrial Supplies provides quality industrial products from premier industrial manufacturers. This includes, tools, equipment, chemicals, electrical, electronics, test equipment, to name but a few.

You order, We deliver!

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Martin Grobler. Managing Director – Fusion Industrial Supplies


At Fusion Industrial Supplies, our goal is to be the best and to create new standards of excellence in the Industrial Supply industry. We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with all important aspects of our business.

  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Suppliers


We are committed to conduct our business activities with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers with integrity and respect.

We take customers’ satisfaction seriously and are committed to being a leader in providing our customers with quality products and cost-efficient services. We believe it is our responsibility to bring added value to both our customers and our suppliers by introducing innovative and cost-effective ideas while providing reliable service.

We believe that our suppliers are partners who share in our goals of excellence. To this end we are both committed to deliver quality products and the latest product application knowledge to our customers.

We respect the individuality of each employee and are committed to providing an environment which allows the employee to reach his or her potential, an environment which encourages productivity, creativity and teamwork, and which recognizes and rewards individual contributions.

We are dedicated to safety and to providing a safe work environment for our employees, and to continued training to emphasize safe work techniques. We are committed to being a caring and supportive corporate citizen within the communities in which we operate.


      To be recognized by Our Customers as:

  • The most reliable distributor in the industry.
  • A family owned distributor with family values that make us easy to do business with.
  • A progressive and proactive distributor who is capable of competing in any and all segments of the marketplace which we serve.

      To be recognized by Our Employees as:

  • An employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees.
  • A business that is proactive, technically progressive, and striving to insure that it is in a position to compete not only in the present but also in the future.
  • An employer who guarantees a safe working environment.
  • An employer who offers training to help all employees’ progress in their current or future positions within the company.

      To be recognized by Our Suppliers as:

  • A progressive and creative distributor of their products or services in the markets we serve
  • A distributor who is committed to servicing the Industrial marketplace through a single supply source.
  • A distributor who, in its first generation as a family owned business, has more than 20 years of experience in this marketplace.
  • A distributor who values strongly the relationships of its suppliers, and recognizes that it is those partnerships that have helped to ensure the success of Fusion Industrial Supplies.

9x text picss_Page_2      To be recognized by Our Industry as:

  • A business partner who is not afraid to get involved in business or trade associations.
  • A business who is willing to be different in the markets it serves with a profile that is refreshingly different than most of its competitors.